Hello, I'm Michael KING! I'm very pleased. that you decided to get to know me better. It is very difficult to talk about myself, even almost impossible, because my works can tell about me better. But I will try to do it.

I have been working in the United States of America for over 12  years.

My journey started with people I didn't know. I walked the streets of the city and took pictures of people I didn't know. Approached, got acquainted, offered to be photographed, photographed and they really liked the result.

For several years, I studied the technical basics of photography, posted work on social networks. After the publications, strangers began to write to me and take an interest in photography.

I did not have time to notice how my hobby after tens of months turned into a real, creative work of a professional photographer. My head was spinning from a large number of applications for a photo shoot with my authorship. With each new photo session, I honed my skills and began to receive awards for wedding photography in "The Knot", "Wedding Wire".

I think I can speak objectively about myself.

I also want to share with my little weaknesses and facts:I am now a family man and I love my family very much.

- My favorite places are those where my daughter radiates a huge amount of joy

- I like weddings imbued with the most sincere emotions, no matter what the weather is outside

- From hot drinks, my favorite drink is cocoa with marshmallows.

- In my photo works you can see, or have already seen, a large number of natural beautiful photos, with genuine emotions

- My work can be seen in such magazines: "Wedding", "Bride", "MunaLuchi Brides", "World Bride Magazine", "New York Post", "NY Daily News" and other.

Why photography?

If you dig deeper and try to understand why, when I was still young, I wanted to pick up a camera" - in fact, I don’t remember why I made such a decision, maybe I somehow intuitively started to take up this hobby, or this there was a shop window with cameras and the idea came to my mind that I want to take pictures. In fact, I can't dig that deep into myself. But I can say that I enjoy it. From admiration, I don’t even know how to say it correctly, there are no customers. From my friends, that's right, from my friends. All my customers, during the photo shoot, become my friends.

I am such a cheerful, creative person. Now you know me and you can safely go to contacts and I will help you create photos that will warm you at various moments of your life.

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