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January 31, 2023

A candy shot is, if not perfect, then almost perfect detail that diversifies a wedding photo shoot. This is a photo that will tell about the details of the wedding itself. Just don't tell anyone about it. "Beauty is in the details." Just imagine how much time wasted talking and choosing wedding rings. How much effort was spent to create a flower arrangement, but before creating a composition, it takes time for the flowers to grow and show their beauty.

What you see for the first 20-60 seconds, looking at the photo, you see only a candy wrap. And the candy itself is in the details. Based on this, the details must be given their due, they must be photographed and then told to their children and grandchildren.

In a candy shot, you can use everything:

Wedding invitation

Rings and their boxes




Bridal bouquet



And many more that you will see at your fingertips

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