How to reveal a stranger during a photo shoot?

January 31, 2023

If you are a modest person and you want a beautiful photo session for yourself to surprise everyone, then here is your formula. "You are already a very beautiful person, you only need two things, your smile and a camera."

During the photo shoot, I will not disturb you, I will help you. You won't hear from me: "Stand like this and stand," "Sit like this and don't move." I will turn on the music or say something that will make you smile. I will not violate your comfort limit, you yourself will violate it. There are certain words and an invisible field that will destroy this field and you will come out of it a new person. When you leave this field and look at the result on the camera, you will be unstoppable. This is what I do in my photo shoots, I show the depth of everyone.

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