Do not be afraid of a small space, it can be increased!

January 31, 2023

When you go to the location where the wedding will take place and rain clouds are gathering above you, only these words come: "The main thing is that it does not rain." But no, the rain still starts, still so much that the horizon is not visible. Our newlyweds are unlikely to want to take pictures in the rain if there is no second image, and even if there is a second image, no one wants to be wet. With these factors in mind, there is only one correct solution, indoor photography. This can only be dreamed of in a photographer’s nightmare, but you have a room so small that you cannot move further than 2-3 meters from each other. Here, the button for creative and search for angles is turned on. You can try to take pictures from the top point, from the bottom point, make detailed plans, take pictures through mirrors. No need to be afraid, this is your new step, which opens you up in a new way. So hold your camera tight, look at the display and make masterpieces.

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